Pedestrian/ Bicycle Accidents

Helping Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Victims

If you have been struck by a vehicle while jogging, walking or cycling, you need to protect your rights and ensure that you and your family have the financial resources you need. It is a nightmare scenario, a walk on a beautiful day tragically interrupted by a driver’s inattention and carelessness. Even at the lowest speeds, any collision between a pedestrian and car holds the potential for catastrophic injury.

At the office of the Litman Law Firm, PC in Denver, Colorado, our attorney, Michael P. Litman, has spent a lifetime in the service of the seriously injured. From an adolescence spent working with his father’s personal injury law firm to a career pursuing compensation and support for those in need, he has made the needs of his clients his first and most important priority. Contact us today to learn more about our legal services.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Your Case

The lawyer you work with to handle your injury or pedestrian accident case can make a difference in your life for years to come. Whether we negotiate with insurance providers or litigate for your compensation in court, our office is focused on exploring the best option for your recovery.

We handle cases involving:

  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Jogging accidents
  • Bicycle collisions
  • Hit and run
  • Wrongful death

As more people across the state and nation turn to cheaper and greener alternatives to the daily commute, the number of people biking and walking to work every day is on the increase. Add the fact that people in Colorado have a great passion for spending time in the outdoors, and the potential damage caused by an inattentive or irresponsible driver can be devastating.

We Understand What You Are Going Through

Following a bicycle or pedestrian accident injury there is pain, stress, fear and confusion to deal with. You need to devote your time and energy to getting better. The last thing you and your family need is to deal with an uncooperative insurance company and fight for a fair settlement. Let our office take some of that worry off your shoulders by putting our experience and proven ability on your side.

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