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Are You Facing Removal for a Crime?

If you are a legal U.S. citizen charged with a crime, or a non-citizen facing criminal charges, you need immediate legal help. Practicing in both criminal defense and immigration law, the Litman Law Firm, PC is uniquely qualified to protect your rights and help you avoid deportation or prison time.

We Can Help

Based in Denver, Colorado, we assist clients statewide and handle both aspects of your case. Many criminal defense lawyers do not understand the immigration implications of pleading guilty to certain crimes, and many immigration lawyers cannot capably defend you on the criminal charges.

Criminal Defense for Non-Citizens

The Litman Law Firm handle all criminal charges, and we can advise clients on whether conviction would jeopardize your immigrant status. Our attorneys have represented clients on all deportable offenses, including:

  • DUI (drunk driving)
  • Domestic violence or assault and battery
  • Drug crimes
  • Theft (including shoplifting)
  • Fraud (including fake ID)
  • Driving without a license

If you are an illegal alien and charged or arrested for a crime, the State of Colorado is required to notify the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) and ICE (Department of Homeland Security enforcement). Even if you are a non-citizen with legal resident status, if you plead guilty or are convicted at trial of certain crimes, you will likely be deported. A conviction for an aggravated felony such as drug trafficking will result in lifetime deportation with no chance of returning to the U.S. legally.

How We Can Help

First, we fully inform clients of all of their rights, so that they can make an informed decision for their situation:

  • Stay in the U.S. and fight the criminal case, or
  • Agree to deportation and retreat to your home country

If you choose to stay, we will advise you on going to trial to beat the charges or negotiating an immigration-safe plea to a crime that is not deportable.

What If I Already Pled Guilty to a Deportable Crime?

If you received poor legal advice from a public defender or an attorney you previously hired on a previous criminal charge, we can help reverse old convictions to help you stay in the United States. The Litman Law Firm, PC has represented many people who gave up their rights because they did not know that they could be deported for the crime when they entered a guilty or no-contest plea.

We will file a post-conviction petition with the court to try to re-open the case. You will have the chance to try to reach a deal with prosecutors for a lesser plea that avoids removal or defend yourself at trial.

Protect Your Rights — Contact Immediately

If you or your non-citizen spouse or family member is facing criminal charges, or facing removal because of a past guilty plea, contact the Litman Law Firm, PC for experienced representation. We care and we can help.

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