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Family Visas and Green Cards

If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident seeking a visa or green card for a fiancee, spouse, or family member, Litman Law Firm, PC of Denver, Colorado can guide you through the process. Since 2001, our qualified lawyers have helped hundreds of clients with their family-based immigration issues, including applications, extensions and renewals, consulate issues, adjustment of status, and citizenship.

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Our experienced lawyers, Michael Litman serve citizens and foreign nationals in the Denver metro area and throughout Colorado. We are familiar with all U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requirements for family-based visa and green card applications, and all aspects of U.S. immigration law.

Fiancée Visa —

If you are a U.S. citizen, we can help process the K-1 visa for your foreign-born fiancée to enter the United States to marry you, including K-2 visas for minor children of your fiancée. We advise clients on all documentation and verification requirements to facilitate the shortest waiting period possible. It is extremely important for an attorney to prepare or review your application, as the USCIS carefully scrutinizes applications for any sign that the fiancée is entering the U.S. under fraudulent intent.

Spouse Visas —

If you are a U.S. citizen and wish to bring a husband or wife into the U.S. that you have married overseas, our attorneys can assist in processing your K-3 marriage visa and K-4 visas for any foreign-born children. All K-3 applications are viewed with caution by the USCIS, thus the need for professional preparation and legal counsel. We can also advise if your spouse is already in the country, but illegally. (The spouse may qualify for an amnesty 245(i) case, or your undocumented spouse may have to depart the U.S. to apply for legitimate entry).

Non-immigrant Family Visas —

If you are working in the United States on a valid employment-based visa (H-1B, L-1), student visa, or investor visa, we can assist you in applying for visas for your spouse or children to visit or accompany you.

Green Cards for Family Members —

If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (green card holder), we can help family members gain their family-based green card and work authorization. Citizens can sponsor parents, unmarried children, married children, and siblings. Permanent residents can sponsor only a spouse or unmarried son or daughter. We assist in all visas and adjustment of status applications.

Parents, Siblings and Relatives —

The process to obtain entry for your mother, father, unmarried brothers or sisters, or married siblings over 21 to join you can take many years. It is important to have your application as thoroughly documented as possible to minimize any further delays. By having your application on file, you will also be in the best position in the event the USCIS increases quotas or relaxes requirements, or the U.S. Congress can approve amnesty legislation that includes extended family.

Becoming a U.S. Citizen —

We can help permanent residents complete and file their naturalization application and prepare for the citizenship test and interview with USCIS officers.

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For proven legal representation in your family-based immigration issue, contact Litman Law Firm, PC Our reduced-rate initial consultation is credited toward your case when you hire us to handle your matter.

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